Why a blog for multisite pastors?

My mission is to help pastors stay healthy, hungry, and humble in the fast-paced world of multisite ministry. This is a blog focused on multisite pastor development and resourcing. If you are leading or will be leading in a multisite context, I hope you will find this blog valuable and encouraging. I’m writing for several reasons:

1. To be a part of the campus/location pastor conversation.

To my knowledge, there are no books, blogs or resources dedicated to solely helping campus pastors be successful in their roles as multisite leaders. This blog will serve as a place to discuss best-practices, vision, systems, leadership and creativity in multisite ministry.

2. To share what I am learning.

I’m always seeking new ways of leading in the multisite arena and asking other campus pastors how they do what they do. I hope to share and track those insights discoveries here so that you can learn from them too.

3. To grow as leader and writer.

Blogging serves as a place to record and reflect on the wins and losses I’ve experienced as a campus pastor. My prayer is that these posts will inspire change and prevent failure. Some people have to learn the hard way, but smart people learn from the mistakes of others.

4. To make myself and others laugh.

Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I take myself way too serious. Most pastors do, and we shouldn’t. Yes, leading in multisite ministry is a huge responsibility, but it can be incredibly fun. I hope to write in such a way that invokes laughter – mostly at me.

To start, I’ll be publishing content a couple of days a week: most likely Mondays and Thursdays. That said when it comes to campus pastoring and multisite ministry, is there anything you’d like for me to blog about in the coming weeks?


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